Lou Quallenberg Studio

Lou Quallenberg was one of the fellow artist/exhibitors at the Western Design Conference.  Lou creates amazing mesquite furniture. Actually, the word “furniture” does not do his beautiful wood art justice. You can see pictures of his wood sculptures on his website: www.louqart.com. He is shown here with father-in-law and wood artist Steve Walker.

Lou Quallenberg

LPC Finalist For Art Award

Last Friday night, Scott and I attended an awards banquet for Utah artists and musicians.  Scott was a finalist in the sculpture category. We were honored to be recognized along with painter James Christensen and the legendary Arnold Friberg who won a Lifetime Achievement award.

The event was a kick-off for the Salt Lake Broadway organization, in partnership with Community Alliance.  The Salt Lake Broadway organization has a three-fold mission.

  1. Support local Utah artists and musicians.
  2. Fund educational art programs in Utah.
  3. Promote Utah as a leader in the arts community. saltlakebroadway.org

We want to thank Salt Lake Broadway for the honor!