Lou Quallenberg Studio

Lou Quallenberg was one of the fellow artist/exhibitors at the Western Design Conference.  Lou creates amazing mesquite furniture. Actually, the word “furniture” does not do his beautiful wood art justice. You can see pictures of his wood sculptures on his website: www.louqart.com. He is shown here with father-in-law and wood artist Steve Walker.

Lou Quallenberg

The Western Design Conference 2009

Scott, our son Chase, and I just returned from the Western Design Conference in Jackson, WY. We always enjoy seeing old friends and meeting new western artists. The caliber of art never ceases to amaze and inspire us.

Resort home and ranch property owners from all over the country talked to us about commissioning custom wood carvings for their elegant homes. Scott is now busy creating new designs to complement mountain properties, new lake homes and even a few ocean homes.

The Cowboys & Indians article mentioned in the last post can be found at http://www.cowboysindians.com/art-entertainment/art-galleries/2009-10/wood.jsp. The section on Lone Peak Carvings is at the end and there are pictures of several of our pieces interspersed with other artists’ work.  (The close-up shows Scott’s hands chiseling a door!)