Deals on Hand-carved Fireplace Mantels

Watching Out For Deals On hand-carved fireplace mantels In Lehi Attention wood lovers, here’s the latest news from Lone Peak Carvings:

“We will match your existing trim.”

“20 percent off orders over $6,000.”

If you want to hear more information about a particular product or service, call us at 801-301-7050. We don’t always describe all our current promotions and new products in this short blog, but we have plenty to share!

We want Salt Lake City homeowners to feel confident that we operate with the highest ethical standards. Go ahead, do some research. Visit us in Lehi. Check out our operation. If you need hand-carved fireplace mantels or carved wood exterior doors, come see what we have to offer at Lone Peak Carvings. We are sure that you will come away feeling comfortable about purchasing from us, and confident that we are truly interested in providing you with a great experience.

There are a handful of bogus offers from con artists that purport to sell similar products and services at drastically reduced prices. If it seems like a ridiculously low price, it is probably a scam. These fraudsters make a killing, disappear, and then re-emerge in a new disguise. Slick con artists give legitimate businesses a bad name.

Be careful. Shop from a trusted source.  “Lone Peak Carvings will exceed your expectations”.

Lone Peak Carvings

homeowners Love Lone Peak Carvings What does hand-carved fireplace mantels mean to you? Is it a necessity? Is it a luxury? At Lone Peak Carvings, we have customers in both camps. Maybe this sounds strange, but that is what we have learned from our diverse (and much appreciated) customer base.

Our wonderful Lehi folks or those from other parts of the country tell us a lot of other things, also. For instance, we received this comment recently:

Scott does amazing things with wood. I love my ‘bugling elk’ mantel – Dave S. Park City, UT.

and also this one:

Lone Peak’s artist Byron Pixton designed a carving that features me and my son roping cattle on our ranch. I will treasure it always – Will D., Bozeman, MT.

At Lone Peak Carvings, we love your positive feedback. It tells us at Lone Peak Carvings that we are on the right track. Our loyal customers such as the many homeowners in the Salt Lake City area who support us should rest assured that we take your comments and suggestions seriously. Why? 1.) We care. 2.) We would be crazy not to. 3.) You are our best advisers!

If you are in need of carved wood exterior doors, the following may be of interest: 20 percent off display models!

If you need more information, remember, Lone Peak Carvings is just a phone call or mouse-click away.

Lone Peak Carvings 801-301-7050

Hand-Carved Fireplace Mantels at Great Prices

Values on hand-carved fireplace mantels in Lehi If you are like most Utah folks, you are trying to make your money go farther than ever before. Many homeowners are budgeting carefully and cutting frills. At Lone Peak Carvings, we understand this. That is why we do our best to keep our prices low on hand-carved fireplace mantels.

If you research the market in the Salt Lake City area, we doubt you will find better deals. Some of our competitors have tried to make up for lagging sales by putting hefty markups on carved wood exterior doors. We have chosen not to go this route because we know that many wood art lovers are pinching pennies and we want to help out. We look forward to doing business with you in years to come, regardless of economic ups and downs.

At Lone Peak Carvings, you will find quality products and fair prices. And you won’t have to spend a million dollars for million-dollar service.

Here’s what some of our customers say:
“The first thing people notice when they come to my house is my carved moose door.  The artwork and carving is superb.” –  T.W. Jackson, WY

“My grapevine oven hood is the focal point of my kitchen. I am ordering a carved grapevine wine cellar door to match. Scott is a talented artist–we love your stuff!” – G.L. Santa Rosa, CA

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Carved Oven Hoods

Visit our custom carved oven hoods website to find out more about our specials on custom carved oven hoods. We ship anywhere.

You won’t find a better value on custom carved oven hoods, hand-carved wood art or elaborate carved entry doors  in our state of Utah, or yours; wherever you are visiting from.

At Lone Peak Carvings, our philosophy is simple: we want to provide the best quality and service possible. These are not just words; it’s how we do business. If you are looking for specials on custom carved oven hoods, you have found the right place.

For instance, one of the specials we have posted before is: 20 percent off orders over $6,000. You can find more information about our custom carved oven hoods specials online at

“The glue that holds all relationships together is trust, and trust is based on integrity.”
– Brian Tracy

Great Things at Lone Peak Carvings

Great Things at Lone Peak Carvings What do you like about Utah and the Salt Lake City area in particular?

Do you unwind by participating in the recreational opportunities available around here such as biking, camping, fishing, hiking or ATV riding? Are you able to get away for a day of skiing or snowboarding? Do you frequent the parks, museums and various family attractions in our beautiful Draper area?

Whether you are in Salt Lake or Park City by choice or necessity, I hope you are taking advantage of some of the great things these beautiful mountain areas have to offer. If you have recently moved here, we welcome you and hope you enjoy our community.

Forgive our boasting, but here at Lone Peak Carvings, we consider ourselves one of the great things in Utah. We work hard to be a credit to our fellow specialty woodworkers  in Utah. If you are reading this, you are probably interested in hand-carved fireplace mantels and our other wood masterpieces.

We would like to tell you more. See our hand-carved fireplace mantels website for more information.

Speaking of GREAT THINGS, don’t forget; 20 percent off display models.!

Talk is Cheap and Lone Peak Carvings Knows It

Talk is Cheap and Lone Peak Carvings Knows It At Lone Peak Carvings, we know all too well that words like “integrity” and “trust” are used loosely by companies from Salt Lake City to Timbuktu. We know that Lehi folks have become numb to trite slogans and empty promises.

At Lone Peak Carvings, we don’t expect you to believe us just because we say we’re the best; We know that your experience with Lone Peak Carvings will speak louder than words. We know that outrageous claims and overused phrases may catch your eye, but that good quality and great service are what will make you happy you stopped by our Lone Peak Carvings website to purchase a hand-carved fireplace mantels.

At Lone Peak Carvings, we look forward to serving you with the best hand-carved fireplace mantels on the web. Take a look at our hand-carved fireplace mantels website online to learn more.

What do our other customers say about Lone Peak Carvings?

“Scott does amazing things with wood. I love my ‘bugling elk’ mantel – Dave S. Park City, UT”

See us for hand-carved fireplace mantels in Lehi. We also have carved wood exterior doors, and we sell online from our website at

Homeowners, interior decorators, and contractors in Salt Lake City wouldn’t go anywhere else for custom carved oven hoods.

Lou Quallenberg Studio

Lou Quallenberg was one of the fellow artist/exhibitors at the Western Design Conference.  Lou creates amazing mesquite furniture. Actually, the word “furniture” does not do his beautiful wood art justice. You can see pictures of his wood sculptures on his website: He is shown here with father-in-law and wood artist Steve Walker.

Lou Quallenberg