Deals on Hand-carved Fireplace Mantels

Watching Out For Deals On hand-carved fireplace mantels In Lehi Attention wood lovers, here’s the latest news from Lone Peak Carvings:

“We will match your existing trim.”

“20 percent off orders over $6,000.”

If you want to hear more information about a particular product or service, call us at 801-301-7050. We don’t always describe all our current promotions and new products in this short blog, but we have plenty to share!

We want Salt Lake City homeowners to feel confident that we operate with the highest ethical standards. Go ahead, do some research. Visit us in Lehi. Check out our operation. If you need hand-carved fireplace mantels or carved wood exterior doors, come see what we have to offer at Lone Peak Carvings. We are sure that you will come away feeling comfortable about purchasing from us, and confident that we are truly interested in providing you with a great experience.

There are a handful of bogus offers from con artists that purport to sell similar products and services at drastically reduced prices. If it seems like a ridiculously low price, it is probably a scam. These fraudsters make a killing, disappear, and then re-emerge in a new disguise. Slick con artists give legitimate businesses a bad name.

Be careful. Shop from a trusted source.  “Lone Peak Carvings will exceed your expectations”.