Kelley Somer

Last week, Scott and I went to a party at a cozy mountain home in the Sundance ski resort community. While there, we met Kelley and Eric Somer.  We discovered that the  Somers live about a half mile away from us in Alpine, Utah. We enjoyed laughing with them as we swapped stories about home remodeling nightmares.

Kelley Somer is a talented artist who creates gorgeous richly textured paintings.  “My work is all about the importance of people connecting over meals,” Somer said. “I love to cook and entertain. I hope that other people who have my art can experience that time, even if they’re not entertaining at the moment.”

I found it very entertaining to look at Kelley’s work on her website. It is not surprising that Kelley is selling her paintings as quickly as she can finish them. We wish her continued success.

Kelley Somer Lemons